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Melthucelha Smith
Melthucelha Smith

Among Us Jester Mod: Everything You Need to Know About the Fun Twist on the Game

A Guide for jester among us mod With attractive appearance and easy navigation to use, there is a step by step guide that show you how to use the app like a professional.You will get many tips & tricks that will make you understand more how to use jester among us mod .This application is a guide on the best instructions for jester among us mod to get more from using the app and descover hidden features that you don't know about it.It is a guide with new advices made by fans of the app.DiSCLAIMER:*This app is just a guide to help people to know all about jester among us mod Easily.*We dont provide any hack techniques that illegal or manipulate users, Our App is totally legit and legal.*This application is not affiliated, endorsed,sponsored or specifically approved by original owners and they are not responsible for it . But at all times respect the terms and conditions of the content policy.

The Ninja's role in among us is given to the Impostors who can gain Impostor-ninja abilities to target a crewmate in order to end their life. The Ninja is really powerful because they involve throwing ninja stars at them from a distance, when they already targeted them, they have an 8-sec cooldown to throw the ninja stars at them. They also have the ability to throw smoke bomb nearby players so that couldn't see their environment with a 20-sec cooldown to fuse it. The ninja would first begin as a regular impostor but when targeting the crewmates their kill cooldown is disabled and a new button reappears. This also allows them to target since a black arrow appears for them to target a crewmate and an "Assassinate" button appears for them to kill the targets, and this could make them manage to camouflage themselves for a given amount of time until they come back to reality.

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There are always two Lovers which are linked together. Their primary goal is it to stay alive together until the end of the game. If one Lover dies (and the option is activated), the other Lover suicides (basically die). You can select if Lovers are able to have a second role (could be a Neutral, Crewmate or Impostor Role) You can specify the chance of one Lover being an Impostor. The Lovers never know the role of their partner, they only see who their partner is. The Lovers win, if they are both alive when the game ends. They can also win with their original team (e.g. a dead Impostor Lover can win with the Impostors, an Arsonist Lover can still achieve an Arsonist win) If one of the Lovers is a killer (i.e. Jackal/Sidekick/Impostor), they can achieve a "Lovers solo win" where only the Lovers win. If there is no killer among the Lovers (e.g. an Arsonist Lover + Crewmate Lover) and they are both alive when the game ends, they win together with the Crewmates. If there's a team Impostor/Jackal Lover in the game, the tasks of a Crewmate Lover won't be counted (for a task win) as long as they're alive. If the Lover dies, their tasks will also be counted.

Jester a new class and role in among us where you must tricked your friends and crewmates for believing that you are the absolute imposter! As jester among us you can do nothing at all, being suspicious than the impostor itself and win the game by trolling around the map.As imposter or crewmate both of you must aware of jester because his objective is to get voted out, no matter you are teaming with him or not if jester among us get voted out, he win that game.


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