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Diary Of A Social Butterfly Moni Mohsin Pdf Downloadgolkesgolkes

Diary of a Social Butterfly Moni Mohsin PDF Downloadgolkesgolkes

Diary of a Social Butterfly is a satirical novel by Pakistani author Moni Mohsin, first published in 2008. It is based on a column that Mohsin wrote for the Pakistani magazine The Friday Times, featuring the humorous and witty observations of a socialite named Butterfly, who is oblivious to the political and social turmoil in her country. The novel follows Butterfly's diary entries from January 2001 to January 2008, covering major events such as the 9/11 attacks, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, and the rise of religious extremism. The novel also portrays Butterfly's personal life, including her marriage to Janoo, a sensible and liberal businessman, her rivalry with her sister-in-law Kulchoo, and her friendship with her best friend Mulloo.

The novel is written in a colloquial and informal style, using a mixture of English and Urdu words, slang, and abbreviations. Mohsin uses Butterfly's voice to poke fun at the elite class of Pakistan, who are detached from the realities of their country and obsessed with trivial matters such as fashion, gossip, and parties. The novel also exposes the hypocrisy, corruption, and violence that plague Pakistani society, especially under the rule of General Pervez Musharraf. Mohsin also contrasts Butterfly's superficiality with Janoo's rationality, showing how the latter tries to educate and enlighten his wife about the issues that affect their country.

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The novel has been praised for its humor, wit, and insight into Pakistani culture and politics. It has also been criticized for being repetitive, shallow, and stereotypical. The novel has been translated into several languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish. It has also been adapted into a stage play by Anuvab Pal in 2010. The novel is the first in a series of three books featuring Butterfly as the protagonist. The second book is Tender Hooks (2011), which covers the period from February 2008 to March 2009. The third book is The Return of the Butterfly (2014), which covers the period from April 2009 to May 2013.

If you are interested in reading Diary of a Social Butterfly by Moni Mohsin, you can find it online in PDF format at []. You can also buy it from [Google Books] or other online platforms. However, please note that downloading or sharing pirated copies of books is illegal and unethical. If you want to support the author and the publishing industry, please purchase a legal copy of the book or borrow it from a library.


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