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Anthony Rogers
Anthony Rogers

Pandora Hearts

  • Tropes J-L Jerkass: Xai Vessalius at his best. Bernard Nightray - totally. Also, Rufus Barma (though not as bad as the other two.)

  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Elliot. Some might say he's just a tsundere though. By Retrace XL or so it's fair to say that Elliot is a much nicer guy than he wants to show.

  • Break. It's not always obvious that he does have a heart, but he's got his moments.

  • Oz himself, particularly in that scene where he made Gil sign a contract making him officially his servant for life... the purpose of which was to cement the fact that Oz must always protect him, since a master's task is to take care of his servants. Oz was still a jerk about it.

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Plot: You could rename the manga Mind Screw and no one would notice. Played very straight in the beginning when the group is searching for fragments of Alice's memory. The whole story (all 104 chapters of it) just centers around how and why the Tragedy of Sablier happened and what the Intention of the Abyss wants by constantly revisiting these two things.

  • Kick the Dog: Pretty much everything Jack says to Oz in Retrace LXXIV.Jack: You are a chain... B-rabbit, the destroyer... The people you love, and the people you wish to protect... All that you've achieved... They're fake. Don't forget that..."

  • KidAnova: Oz really likes younger girls.

  • Kid Detective / Amateur Sleuth: Oz, Alice, Elliot and Leo, all of whom are trying to decipher some mystery, usually having something to do with the Tragedy of Sablier.

  • Kid with the Leash: Several contractors, including Oz and the flower girl they meet early on.

  • Killer Rabbit: Most notably literal rabbits, and in black and white varieties. One is a main character. Though not the one you think...

  • Large Ham: Alice is Chewing the Scenery like it's going out of style.

  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Conversely, Trauma-Induced Amnesia.

  • Laughing Mad: The Head Hunter, after killing Rytas, Marie and Glooner.

  • Lecherous Licking: Several examples; see the trope page for details.

  • Leonine Contract: Alice's contract with Oz can be considered this, as it was the only way for Oz to escape the Abyss and Oz agreed to it without being completely aware of the consequences.

  • Let's Get Dangerous!: Break. He even says "time to get serious" at one point in the anime, which Alice takes as her cue to GTFO without needing further instruction. Every time he puts on his game face (usually by whipping out the Mad Hatter, though revealing the concealed sword does the trick too), everyone craps their pants, but the sudden air of panic is no damper whatsoever to his flamboyant attitude. He still snarfs candy and talks with hearts in his speech bubbles as he watches his opponents slowly bleed to death.

  • Light Is Not Good: The Intention of the Abyss, who wears all white and sometimes manifests as a white rabbit, isn't someone you want to stumble upon...seriously. Eventually subverted, as the Intention of the Abyss turns out not to be so bad.

  • Jack is often accompanied by bright colors and occasionally wears white in official art. He caused the Tragedy of Sablier.

  • Like Brother and Sister: Oz and Alice. While their relationship is generally treated more like best friends than siblings, they are unusually close, and Oz states in one of the Caucus Race side stories that he loves Alice like she's his sister.

  • Like Father, Like Son: Alice (physical appearance, being locked in a tower) and the Intention of the Abyss (physical appearance, psychotic tendencies) to their mother Lacie.

  • Limited Wardrobe: Save for a few special circumstances.

  • Little Miss Badass: Alice, Echo, the Intention of Abyss, Sharon (biologically 23, but physically 13), Lily...

  • Lonely Rich Kid: The whole story pretty much starts as Oz being this.

  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Quite a few, most noticeably Vincent and Jack, with his braid. Leo and Rufus Barma also count, along with Break, who had a ponytail right after being spit out of the Abyss, and Gilbert, whose hair is at least long enough to tie back.

  • Loss of Identity: By the end of Retrace LXXIV, Oz himself appears to have lost all sense of identity thanks to Jack's manipulation.

  • Love Makes You Crazy / Love Makes You Evil: The ongoing list of Yandere characters in this manga fit this trope, although many of them outgrow it due to Character Development.

  • Love Triangle: Multiple. Ada and Noise both love Vincent, who never had any feelings for the latter and (eventually) returns the feelings of the former.

  • Lottie and Miranda both love Oswald, who is completely unaware of both of their affections. This is a bit of a strange variation because Lottie and Miranda never meet or become aware of one another. Oh, and Miranda is a psycho.

  • Rufus Barma is completely in love with Sheryl Rainsworth, but she has a husband and never returns his feelings, although she does seem to adore him platonically. Also a bit of a strange variation because 1) it's unclear if Duke Barma actually knows Sheryl's husband, and 2) the readers don't meet Sheryl's husband or even learn his name.

  • Lover Tug of War: Episode 17. "My master!" "No, my servant!"

  • And then again in Episode 20, this time with all parties involved drunk out of their minds.

Pandora Hearts



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