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Melthucelha Smith
Melthucelha Smith

[S1E5] Friend Of The Devil NEW!

When an old friend rides into town, Tom Davidson finds himself in the impossible position of helping a former partner in crime while keeping up appearances as the town's new sheriff. Abby and Kate's friendship is put to the test as Abby faces uncomfortable questions about her deceased husband while Gus and Calian reconnect and work together to pursue a new lead in connection to the murder of Abby's husband.

[S1E5] Friend of the Devil

At The Palace, Dan arrives to pick up Serena. When she opens the door, she discovers he's dressed in a suit and tie. Realizing her mistake at dressing in jeans, she lies that she just got in and was about to change. While he waits for her, Lily comes home and asks if Serena knows he's there. He says that she does, then notices her shopping bags. She says she had a lot on her mind then asks where he's taking Serena. He jokes that he's taking her underground, then admits he can't stop talking when he's nervous. Serena then emerges from her room, ready to go. Lily reminds her to be home by one and they leave. On the street, she spots a Vespa and excitedly tells Dan that she loves Vespa's and that she once spent a summer in Italy riding around on one. A driver then calls out to Dan and Serena realizes he didn't rent them a scooter after all. Disappointed, she gets into the car with him. At the Waldorf's, Jenny arrives to find the sleepover in full swing. Blair says she's so glad she could make it and escorts her into the living area. Meanwhile, Dan and Serena have dinner at a fancy and very expensive French restaurant. They order, and Serena excuses herself to go to the restroom to freshen up. While she's gone, Dan asks the waiter how much what she ordered was; then asks to cancel his main dish and to just have the appetizer instead when he learns how much it cost. Back at the Waldorf's, Blair has Jenny try on several outfits to find her look for the evening. They finally settle on a strapless yellow dress and Blair then hands Jenny a martini, She cautiously takes it and only sips it once she's told to either drink it or go home. Afterwards, Blair announces that it's time to play truth or dare, which Jenny is excited for; until she realizes that the dares are pretty extreme. At Rufus' gallery, he decides it's time to call Alison. He dials but hangs up when a man answers the phone. He tries again, and when the same man answers, he says he thinks he has the wrong number. The man asks who he's calling for and he says Alison Humphrey. The man tells him to wait a second, and Rufus hears him call for Al. He asks who Rufus is, and then says his name is Alex and he's a friend. Alison then comes to the phone but Rufus hangs up before saying anything to her.

Back at the restaurant, Dan asks for the check and the waiter glances awkwardly at Serena. She admits that she had the meal put on her mom's credit card and Dan gets offended, saying he can pay himself. He asks if he did something wrong, and she confesses that the date she wanted wasn't the one he thought she wanted. He tells her that if it's a real Dan Humphrey date that she wants, then that's what she's going to get. Excited, they leave the restaurant holding hands. Back at the Waldorf's, a fellow sleepover guest returns from her dare, which was to steal the doorman's uniform. Jenny's phone rings and Blair opens it to find a text from Eric, saying he's still in prison. Blair asks the other girls to head to Visconti and that she and Jenny will meet them there. They leave, and Blair tells Jenny that her dare is to bail Eric out of The Ostroff Center. She accepts the dare. At Ostroff, Jenny goes to retrieve Eric while Blair pretends to be a drug addict wanting to seek treatment to distract the receptionist. When she leaves to go get a doctor to look over Blair, they sneak Eric out. At The Palace, Lily receives a call from the center that Eric is missing. They describe the girl that left with him as young, blonde, and beautiful, and Lily assumes that it was Serena. She promises to find them and calls Serena's cell, which she finds in the suite. Meanwhile, Dan and Serena go to a pool hall. He wins $75 to pay her back for her dinner, which she accepts. He asks what they're going to do now, and she suggests that he play her. At the loft, a drunken Rufus gets a call from Lily, who lies that Eric is missing from their hotel room and she needs Dan's phone number because Serena left her phone. He replies that if Eric is with Dan and Serena on their date, they're probably having fun so she doesn't need to worry. He hangs up before she can argue. At Visconti, a drunk businessman flirts with Blair but she turns him down. She goes to the table where everyone is waiting and Jenny says it's her turn to dare Blair. She dares her to make out with that guy, which Blair does. Afterwards, a friend of his comments that he hopes Amanda doesn't find out. She asks who Amanda is and he admits she's his girlfriend. She goes back to her table, and reveals she stole his phone. She dares Jenny to call Amanda, and she does. Afterwards, they toast to sleepover of the year.

Outside the bar, Serena berates Blair for kidnapping Eric. However, Eric sides with Blair and says that getting to be outside after dark with someone who isn't Serena or Lily was worth the trouble. Serena softens, and promises Eric that they'll work on Lily. Meanwhile, Dan tells Jenny that he's taking her home. She refuses to go with him, saying that she's not going to forget who she is even though she hangs with Blair and her crowd. Dan decides to let her go with them and she runs to catch up. Serena comes over to Dan and says that they should call it a night, since she has to take Eric back to Ostroff. He offers to accompany them and she accepts. Elsewhere, Blair brings Jenny to Eleanor's store and says that her final dare is to steal the jacket off a mannequin in the window. She gives her the key and Jenny cautiously agrees to go. As she's grabbing the jacket, Blair counts to three and then runs away with the other girls when the alarm starts ringing. Jenny tries to escape but realizes the girls are gone. Back at the loft, Lily is getting ready to leave when she notices a framed photo of Rufus that she took years ago. She reminds him of his setlist that night to prove she was there and he asks why she ever gave up photography. She sarcastically remarks that social climbing was more fulfilling and the landline rings. He asks her to answer, which she does, and finds Alison on the other end. She hands Rufus the phone but when he takes it, he hears her hang up. Lily says he owes her an explanation but he replies that he doesn't owe her anything at the moment. She thanks him for being a good friend and leaves. Back at Eleanor's shop, Jenny is questioned by the police. She lies that she is Blair and that she left her jacket there on accident. The officer asks for Eleanor's number to confirm the story, but Jenny says she is in Paris. He asks for some way to confirm what she's saying is true and she shows that she has a set of keys, so he can watch her lock up. Elsewhere, Dan and Serena take a walk after dropping Eric off. They discuss Jenny and Eric, and realize that they're both good kids. They then share their first kiss on the street. At the loft, Rufus listens to his band's old records while he reminisces on the photos Lily took. At Ostroff, Lily wakes Eric up and says that they'll discuss the night the next day; after he comes home and sleeps in his own bed. She admits she doesn't know how his being home will affect them, and he says he's not worried. He gets out of bed and starts getting dressed. At the Waldorf's, Jenny arrives to find everyone in bed. Blair is surprised she made it, and tells her to take the bed next to her. However, Jenny says she's going home and asks to have lunch at school on Monday. She also asks to keep the jacket, and Blair says yes to both.

Jenny (on the phone): Amanda? This is Bl-Claire. Yeah, I just had my tongue down your boyfriend's throat and he neglected to tell me you existed until after it was over. Just thought you should know, he's a real catch!

I started Wherever I Look back in 2011 and have aimed to be that friend who loves watching various forms of media and talking about it. So, from bias, strong opinions, and a perspective you may not have thought about, you'll find that in our reviews.

Let's talk about Not-Brenda. On Halloween night, Kristen (Katja Herbers) gets a call from David (Mike Colter) in need of her assistance at an exorcism that's been going on for four days and might get shut down. When possible demonic possessions call, Kristen must answer. She has Sheryl (Christine Lahti) come over to watch the girls and tells her mom to expect two of their neighbor friends and a new girl, Brenda. Which leads me to the biggest question I had coming out of "October 31": How many children are named Brenda these days?

As the girls and their friends are telling pretty mild ghost stories up in their room, Sheryl ushers Brenda in to join them. There are a lot of red flags with this girl right away. First, she refuses to take off her princess mask, covering her entire face. Second, the girl doesn't know how to tell a ghost story: It's all exposition up front about a girl who misbehaves and her parents lock her in her room and set fire to it, burning her all over, with zero payoff. Things escalate as she asks the girls to go down into the basement and tell them how they would kill their mothers if they were dared. Girl talk, am I right?

Not like Kristen doesn't have enough to worry about: She's attending an exorcism at the moment. Thank goodness we finally get to see one of these babies up close -- we've all been waiting! It does not disappoint. When Kristen arrives, Father Amara (Clark Johnson) has been performing an exorcism on Caroline (Karen Pittman) for four days. They had assessed her and approved her for this a while ago, but now the Monsignor (Boris McGiver) isn't so sure -- that's why David's called in Kristen to reassess the situation. Caroline is doing your typical "I'm possessed by the devil" stuff, like writhing in a chair and speaking in tongues, yadda, yadda, but when Kristen gets a look at her (they all have to wear sunglasses in the room with her so as not to make direct eye contact, which adds a certain absurdity to the proceedings -- very on brand for Evil), all she sees is a very sick woman who needs the care of a doctor. 041b061a72


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