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PickMeApp Beta Portable

PickMeApp Beta Portable: A Tool to Transfer Applications Between PCs

Have you ever wanted to move your installed programs from one Windows-based computer to another without reinstalling them? Or have you ever wished to download and install any Windows application with just a few clicks? If so, you might be interested in PickMeApp Beta Portable, a tool that can help you achieve these tasks easily and conveniently.

What is PickMeApp Beta Portable?

PickMeApp Beta Portable is the latest version of PickMeApp, a portable application that allows you to capture and transfer installed programs from one Windows-based computer to another. It also helps you to discover, download and install any existing Windows applications by supporting a well-known Portable Application Description (PAD) format. PickMeApp Beta Portable is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10, and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. It does not require any installation or registration, and can be run from any removable device such as a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. PickMeApp Beta Portable is free for personal use, but requires a license for commercial use. You can download PickMeApp Beta Portable from [here].

Download File:

How does PickMeApp Beta Portable work?

PickMeApp Beta Portable works by creating a backup of your installed programs and their settings in a single file called a TAP (Transferable Application Package). You can then transfer this file to another computer and use PickMeApp to restore the programs and their settings on the new system. You can also use PickMeApp to uninstall the programs from the original system if you wish. PickMeApp supports transferring most of the Windows applications, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Skype, Firefox, Chrome, and many more. However, some applications may not be transferable due to technical limitations or licensing restrictions. You can check the list of supported applications on the [PickMeApp website].

PickMeApp also allows you to browse and download thousands of Windows applications from various sources by using the PAD format. PAD is a standard format for describing software products that can be downloaded and installed on Windows systems. PickMeApp supports PAD files from various sources, such as [], [Softonic], [CNET Download], and [SourceForge]. You can search for applications by name, category, or keyword, and view their descriptions, screenshots, ratings, and reviews before downloading them. You can also install the downloaded applications with just a few clicks by using PickMeApp. PickMeApp will automatically detect the best installation options for each application and will create a TAP file for future transfers. You can also update or uninstall the applications using PickMeApp.

What are the benefits of using PickMeApp Beta Portable?

Using PickMeApp Beta Portable has several benefits, such as:

  • It saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to reinstall your programs on a new computer or after a system upgrade.

  • It preserves your personal settings and preferences for each program, so you don't have to configure them again on the new system.

  • It reduces the risk of losing data or settings due to system crashes or malware infections by creating backups of your programs in TAP files.

  • It allows you to customize your software collection by adding or removing programs as you wish without affecting the original installation sources .

  • It enables you to discover and try new applications from various sources without cluttering your system with unwanted files or registry entries.

  • It enhances your security and privacy by allowing you to run your programs from a removable device without leaving any traces on the host system.


PickMeApp Beta Portable is a tool that can help you transfer your installed programs from one Windows-based computer to another, as well as discover, download and install any Windows applications with ease. It is portable, easy to use, and free for personal use. You can download it from [here] and give it a try.


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