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ShareMe for PC is a network application developed by Xiaomi Inc. This free and streamlined application allows users to share files. It works with any number of PCs and even mobile devices, so long that it is on the same wireless network.

ShareMe for PC transfers your files more than 200x faster than transferring files via Bluetooth. However, users must note that, unlike ShareIt and BitTorrent, the app is never officially made for PCs. Modern computers and laptop users will need to run it via Android emulators, like Bluestacks and LDPlayer, for them to access its features.

Now DMSS for MAC can be used with the Bluestacks emulator program and this will reduce any further problem for MAC users. Unavailability of DMSS for MAC is now not a big concern any more. In order to use DMSS for MAC emulator program are the best alternatives. Here are the following steps to download and run DMSS for MAC as well as Windows: 041b061a72

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